IEF – the first local auditing company

revizija-struktura_engIEF is the auditing house which has built its image by acting in the auditing world in Serbia, where it announced over 1400 independent auditor’s opinions. Today, IEF is working on the program of providing all auditing services, by communicating with the companies with different business activities and serving the interests of the financial statements users. It has formed its reputation by consistently applying IFAC ethical code and by developing its professional competences. Recognizing it as its professional identity basic characteristic, IEF is constantly working on its own development and in the interest of financial statements users.

Auditing – for the users

Auditing is the means of securing the financial reports reliability. The auditors work in the interest of financial statements users, although they are paid by those who make and present these statements.

Opinion – the product of auditing

macroeconomaThe end result of the auditor’s engagement is the opinion in which he gives the conclusion on the level of accordance of the financial information presented in the financial statements with the appropriate standards. The opinion can be positive (“a true and objective account…”), having reservations (“true and objective account…except for the effects of considered issues…), negative (information have no credibility) and restraining (due to a limited sphere of work of auditing)

Auditor’s opinion is a sort of financial information quality certificate and thus, the quality certificate of the trust they can be given. A positive opinion opens the communication door to the given entity, and a negative one closes it. Thus, a positive opinion is the entrance to the world of trust.